Clean Air for your Home

Concerned about air pollutants in your home, office or commercial environment? Natural Purity will provide the right air purifier for you.

The Best Air Purifiers for Home, Office and Commercial Applications

Our aim is to supply purifiers which will best perform to the customer's individual requirements. With customizable filters for all of our models, depending on whether your application is for dust, mold,  allergens or high levels of chemical pollutants from main roads.

clean air station

We can provide portable air solutions with certified HEPA filtration. This is perfect for single room air purification that is portable enough for you to move from room to room throughout your home or office.

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natural purity whole home unit

We also provide full whole home or office filtration. These units are large enough to purify a whole home or office setting. They are also ideal for retail environments.

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natural purity filters

We supply all necessary replacement filters from HEPA filtration to 5 stage filtration and everything in between. Replacing the air filters is key to making sure your units operate properly and provide you with the proper air filtration you require

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Did You Know it is 200 - 500% More Polluted Inside than Outside? "Indoor air pollution is one of the top five risks to our health." -EPA

We take approximately 22,000 breaths a day. With each breath
we inhale about 45,000 - 75,000 particles of pollutants:
• Dust Mites and Micro-organisms • Pet Dander • Pollen
• Smoke • Viruses • Dangerous Bacteria, Mold, and Fungi
• Deadly Chemicals • Household Products • Pesticides
• Ammonia, Alcohol, Formaldehyde, etc

Dust Mite Natural Purity

Invisible DUST MITES Fill the Air

Millions of these microscopic nasty creatures and their waste are present in a single ounce of dust. They raise havoc with your breathing and cause damage to your health. Unfortunately, they are found in every home and office!

90% of Our Day is Spent Indoors.
We Breathe in 36 lbs. of Dirty Air Per Day!
Indoor air pollutants affect all of us, even the healthy!

"Asthma Has Increased 160% in the Past 15 Years. Over 20 Million Americans Have Asthma and Over 40 Million Americans Have Allergies."
-American Demographics

Natural Purity Asthma

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