healthway 9 stage unit

Professional 9-Stage DFS Air Purification System

This medical grade, professional air cleaner is the only system to effectively addressall three pollutant categories. This technology is currently used in hospitals, medicalclean rooms, government buildings, and military applications.

• Newly designed ultra efficient EC motor with Turbo setting.
• Our technology is effective at capturing 40x smaller size ultrafine particles
than HEPA, efficiently removing 99.99% of particulates @ 0.007 micron.
Making HealthWay the most efficient air purifier available.
• 9-stage VOC adsorption filter for heavy removal of harmful airbourne
microorganisms, chemicals, offensive gases odors and smoke.
• Less dust and dander, pollen, dust mite waste,
bacteria, mold, fungi and virus protection
• This revolutionary technology reduces
bioburden and inhibits microorganism
growth through Microbiostasis condition
• Each machine is independently tested
and certified to guarantee better than
HEPA efficiency

This unit is available to you for $5.84 per week including tax!

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